Retaining Walls
Click on picture for before and after of this retaining wall hardscape project
This project objective was to widen the current driveway.  In order to do this, the thick slope of trees had to be cleared and the steep embankment cut down.

Below a sheep foot roller is used to help compress the soil.
Retaining wall block is delivered and maneuvered around the jobsite with a skidsteer.  Each block being placed in position by hand.

Geogrid fabric is installed

Multiple tons of gravel is delivered and installed within the wall to add strength.

Soil engineer is hired to take multiple soil samples to test the compaction of the soil.
The elevation of the driveway is beginning to take shape.

The remaining slope is protected with landscape netting and grass seed planted to prevent any future erosion.
Retaining wall is complete and grass has started to root on slope. Final touch will be repaving with asphalt.

Final wall is approximately 16' high above ground and 3' below ground.
Extensive Retaining walls added to allow a larger yard and entertainment patio for this Blowing Rock client.
Pressure treated lumber retaining wall
Installation of retaining walls for this client allowed them to plant extensive flower beds on a small lot.